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An Interview with FURY

We've had many top-notch female rappers come on the scene in hip hop. Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Remy Ma, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B to name a few. Adding to that roster is the one and only FURY. The Chicago based female rapper has got the flow, rhymes, and stage presence like her predecessors. What is so unique about FURY is that she has a live band with her performances and music, which she released her new EP "Black Magic" earlier this year on Itunes and Spotify. She recently opened for veteran Rah Digga, who was a part of Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad and nominated for "Best Female Hip Hop Artist" at the BET Awards as well as being featured on Chicago's So Far Sounds series multiple times. FURY is contagious and will continue to be to fans and musicians worldwide. Stage Left had the opportunity to interview the powerful lyricist about deep-dish pizza, her music, and performances.

1. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. How’s Chi-Town? I’ve always wanted to go. Best deep-dish spot to you?

"Chicago is great! It's getting cold. Way too many places to choose from for pizza. I really like Lou Malnati's!"

2. Congrats on your recently released EP “Black Magic” being available on Spotify. “[Your] flow is so intense,” literally haha. How does it feel to have it released on Spotify, one of the biggest streaming platforms out there?

"It's really exciting to have music on Spotify. It helps to get your music to a global audience which is always exciting!"

3. Is it hard to put your music on streaming platforms. Do you have to wait for approval or do you just simply upload it and you’re good to go? I’m not familiar with the process and was always curious?

"It takes a distribution site such a CD Baby or tunecore to get your music on streaming sites. You pay a fee and upload your art and music and usually it is uploaded within a week."

4. One thing that I loved about your EP is that you use a live backing band for your songs. What inspired you to take that route of using live instruments?

"2 years ago I performed at a barbecue and afterwards I was approached by someone who said they wanted to work with a hip hop artist and have live music backing them. About two weeks later he formed a band and we started playing together. About 4 months later the band began working on original music for me to write to and that's how Black Magic came to be."

5. So when you are in the studio, how does the creative process work. Does your band give you a beat and you go off of that or do you come up with the lyrics first, the band makes a beat, and then you try to flow the lyrics with the beat? If that makes sense haha.

"My Band came up with about 8 or 9 Jam sessions and I just chose the songs I liked. It all depends on what sparks my imagination. I'm very selective when it comes to choosing beats."

6. What is your writing process like? Is there a certain routine you do when writing music?

"When writing music I listen to the instrumental over and over again until it kind of starts to talk to me. It's really all about listening to yourself and what the music makes you feel. The hardest part is the first line. After that everything flows."

7. I saw your Instagram video of you performing for Sofar Sounds in Chicago. You absolutely KILLED IT. That was also your 5th performance for Sofar sounds. How is it performing for Sofar sounds for you?

"I love doing SoFarSounds shows! It's so important to me to have a platform that stresses focusing on the artist and not on your phone or talking during the performance. I really feel I am heard at the shows which means the world to me!"

8. Out of all of the performances you have done in your career, has there ever been one particular performance, where you had to take a minute for yourself, absorb it and think “Wow, I am living my dream?”

"This year I finally got into the festival circuit and it was my first time having an audience of hundreds of people! I did Ravenswood Beer Fest and the crowd was mostly Rock and Country music fans. I wasn't sure I belonged there but after my performance I received a huge applause and people lined up backstage to meet me. It really taught me how broad a range I have as an artist. To make people who may not normally listen to rap enjoy it! That was the day I learned never to doubt myself and the impact I can have in music!"

9. You also opened for Rah Digga! What was that experience like? How is Rah Digga?

"It was great opening for Rah Digga! When my guys at subterranean heard she was coming through they reached out to me because they wanted the best representation of a female hip hop artist and I was the one who came to mind! It was definitely and honor to be in the presence of a true hip hop Legend."

10. A question that I always ask is who was the first person you saw live? Who, where, when and with whom did you go with? What was the overall experience like?

"The first person I saw live was Erykah Badu 5 years ago at the House of Blues. I went with my sister and had a great time. She was celebrating the 16th anniversary of Baduizm and played the entire album which was such a classic!"

11. What does the next chapter look like for FURY?

"I really wanted tour. Working with a live band has really help me improve as a performer. I love to travel and be face to face with people who love hip hop. I'm working on planning a tour for next year so my main goal is making connections throughout the world so I can make that dream come true."

Thank you so much for the opportunity. Continue to make amazing music and hope to catch one of your shows!

"Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and listening to my music!"

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