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Showcasing new artists that have great music that not a lot of people know about.

From the likes of Dylan Minnette and Frank Ocean's Blonded radio show on Apple Music, Mk.gee, provides a dreamy/ indie vibe with his music. Hailing from London and now currently in Los Angeles, CA, where Mk.gee recorded his latest EP Fool, released last year. The 7-track record is infectious, yet vulnerable with it's lyrics as well as his previous record Pronounced Mcgee. My favorite at the moment is "Unaware" Listen below.



While listening to mk.gee, Arthur's name came up as a similar band, so I thought I would check them out. I was intrigued after listening to the title track of their most recent album Woof Woof. The LP is fun, groovy and gives listeners to escape from what is going on in the world.   

Prior to attending James Blakes show in Pomona, CA recently, I took a look to see who was opening for Blake, which then landed me to Khushi. His music is both eccentric and groovy.  His latest release, "Freedom Falls" continues that trend. His previous EP, Phantoms also followed suit providing three tracks of sultry goodness.  With a full LP yet to be announced,  2019 looks to be promising for the singer. Check out my favorite track, "Hard to Find."

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