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One month later...

A month after KABOO and I am already hooked to music festival!?! Lol I actually had this one planned out months in advance. Technically this would have been my first music festival but KAABOO was very spontaneous. The music festival that I attended after KAABOO was in the city of Austin, Texas a.k.a the MUSIC CAPITAL! Performances included Foo Fighters, Drake, The Weeknd, and Florence + The Machine. I was so excited to not only attend, but to travel to another state.

Once my friend and I flew in to Dallas, I took everything in. I was looking out a window 99% of the time since this was first time traveling out of state in 10 years! Downtown Dallas was very cool and I got a hipster vibe from it. Maybe it was from the people that I was with haha. Once I got to the music festival I see this sign..

I knew I was in for one of the greatest weekends of my life. I went with one of my friends from school along with her brother and father. I was fortunate to not have to pay for a hotel, AirBnB or Uber’s to and back from the festival. They are all from texas which was nice and the gave me insights on everything. The brother got to attend both weekends which I as jealous about. The crowds were awesome and very laid back. No one trying to push to the front or have that excuse that their “friend” is upfront and are trying to meet up with them (insert eye-roll emoji) The stages were spread out nicely and the water stations went by fairly quickly. One of the main stages had a view of the city and it was such a sight to see

What I also discovered about Austin City Limits is that it has a record store in the festival and they have signings from artists that are performing at the festival, which was awesome. During some sets, I would wait in line and try to meet some bands. I had the opportunity to meet Disclosure, Glass Animals, Walk the Moon and Of Monsters and Men. I came up with the idea of buying a poster and having them all sign the poster.

Another thing I discovered was SET TIMESSS!! I had so many conflicts from trying to see different artists performing at the same time that it is nearly impossible to jump from one stage to the next since they were so far from each other. The biggest conflict for me that weekend was Florence + The Machine and The Weeknd. I ended up choosing The Weeknd and found out that Florence + The Machine was going to be playing at my school the following week, so I bought a ticket for that. That’s another thing I found out as well, if two artists you want to see are playing at the same time, see the act that might not tour as much and attend buy a ticket to see the other artist who will be touring more. The Weeknd put on a great show and played all of his hits. I am actually going to his show in Anaheim in October, which I am looking forward to. I caught the end of Florence + The Machine and their performance was superb. The vocals, running back and forth, just too good for words.

That weekend I also got to see Chance the Rapper, Alina Baraz, Vince Staples, LionBabe and Marian Hill. The crowd that was the craziest was defintely Flosstradamus. I almost got head butted by a guy who was just wayyy to into it. haha. Definitely a Weeknd (I had to do it, sorry) to remember and hope to gack to it sometime.

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