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New music this tuesday

So usually over the weekends when I am not out and about, I enjoy discovering new music and this weekend I had the chance to.

1. yaeji

I came across yaeji on reddit under the /popheads/ sub reddit and there was a link that took me to her video "Drink I'm Sippin On" While some of the words I could not really understand haha, the production and flow of the song is too good. I got a chance to listen to her new EP "EP2" and it is amazing. "raingurl" is my personal favorite. It is a feel good, dance heavy track that I can see the crowd going crazy over. I hope she hits the festival circuit next year.

2. Joji

I found Joji browsing through my TIDAL account under Staff Picks New Tracks section and thought I would give it a listen. The track was "Demons" and the vibe that I got from him is similar to Post Malone and Blackbear. His artwork for his EP "In Tongues" was very intriguing to me so I listened to the 6 song EP. The EP has great production with my personal favorite being "Bitter Fuck." If you are into artists like Post Malone, you should definitely give it a listen.

3. Baynk

Again, users on reddit know what's up haha. I stumbled on Baynk from The 1975 subreddit and the song/ video that was provided was "Poolside" If you are into "The 1975 like I am, you need to check them out. They've got a good/ chill vibe to them, which I love. They also have songs with other artists that are all really chill as well.

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