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Yo so I completely forgot about the new Hey Arnold jungle movie that premiered last saturday on Nickelodeon. I got the opportunity to watch it last night and man can I say NOSTALGIA.

The film's main plot is that Arnold is trying to find his lost parents. It starts with Arnold having a dream about finding his parents. It was great to see his kick-ass room, the grandparents, gerald and the gang. Whoever chose the voice actors did an amazing job. To me, they sounded almost the exact same just more mature.

Mr. Simmons announces to the class (I guess he moved to teaching 6th grade) that if the class sends a video of them doing good for the community, they get to go to the island that Arnold's parents are located coincidentally.

They end up winning which makes Arnold that much closer to meeting his parents. With some troubles along the way, the Arnold and the gang have not changed at all. The film felt like old times keeping the same tone and music with just a touch of new animation. I would say that this one was better than the first one.

Ther as been a petition going around to get a new season of Hey Arnold. While it was nice to see, I would not want a reboot of the show. It would take away the classic aspect of the show and I think kids that grew up in the 90's will not have time these days to watch the reboot. Nickelodeon classics should just continue to be put on Hulu and on TeenNick.

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