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Alright so I took a week to sit back and take in all of the Grammy nominations that were announced earlier this week. First off, all of the nominees are PERFECT this year. I am genuinely happy for SZA, Bruno, Kendrick and Jay-Z and love that more diversity is being shown with all of the award shows. The fact that 4 out of 5 of the nominations are Hip-Hop/ R&B albums is astonishing.

However, there were some artists that I believe were SNUBBED by the Recording Academy. Here is my list

1. Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me

As a fan of Demi Lovato since her Disney Channel days, her latest album Tell Me You Love was a great album. To be completely honest, this album is by far the best album she has released to me. Her album AT LEAST deserved "Best Pop Vocal Album" or even "Best Pop Solo Performance" for either Sorry Not Sorry or Tell Me You Love Me. The fact that Coldplay's Kaleidoscope-EP was nominated over Lovato is crazy to me. Sorry not sorry.

2. Harry Styles - Harry Styles

I did not the lead single "Sign of the Times" at first but it really grew on m after listening to it in commercials and on the radio. Styles branches out of what his other One Direction members have done musically. His self-titled debut album has that old-school rock feel to it and I enjoyed the album all the way through. Even "Sign of the Times" DID NOT get nominated in a song category. I thought this album would get more recognition than it has.

3. Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

This song ws everywhere this year. I am surprised it did not get a "Song of the Year" nomination. I am glad that Joanne did get some recognition though.

4. A Tribe Called Quest - "We got it from here, Thank you 4 your service"

The iconic rap group did not get one..single...nomination. This album was a great rap album and so informal. Even Q-Tip was like what the fuck grammys. Sidenote, their FYF set was AMAZING!

These are just my opinions. I get the Recording Academy is trying to please the masses with nominations or maybe there were all too good and they had to narrow them down I guess. I am just calling it like I see it. ALSO, Aleesia Cara is NOT a new artist, she has been relevant since "Here" which came out what 2 years ago? BUT, I am looking forward to next year's Grammy's. Whoever wins what I will be happy for because all the nominations are so good.

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