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Damn 4 years already

Man does time fly. Today is my 4 year anniversary of being UP FRONT AND CENTER at Queen Bey's "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" Live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. I don't think I have mentioned my love for Beyonce on this blog yet. Haha

So, I am a proud member of the bey hive. I have been to every one of her tours since she went solo, have every tour book and she is one of few artists that I actually buy the physical copy for. I bought an exclusive jacket that I found on eBay that was from the "On The Run Tour" that was $88, which was expensive at the time compared to merch prices now haha. Beyonce was my first concert actually now that I think about it. Mrs. Carter means so much to me and when I finally get to meet her, I will be crying non stop.

Anyway, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of seeing the show on this day because the number 4 is very significant to her life and.... yeah haha.

I remember buying the ticket on July 1, 2013 and I was able to snag a GA floor seat, which I was so stoked about. At the time, I was studying at San Diego State University and the concert was a Tuesday night. God blessed me because everything fell into place with picking me up and coming back.

The day came and I got to the Staples Center at around 5pm . The line for GA was not bad at all compared to other concerts, Lady Gaga's in particular. Her monsters show up the night before haha.

Once I got in, I had a VERY GOOD spot and was so pumped knowing that I am going to be THAT CLOSE to BEYONCE!!!! Luke James, who was in the New Edition special on BET and is currently on STAR on Fox opened for her. James put on a good show and he is mad talented hitting them high notes and what not. I do enjoy his song "I Want You"

(Luke James performing at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA. Dec.3, 2013)

Beyonce came on shortly after and her entrance was LEGENDARY, like Michael Jackson status. She opened with the girl-power anthem "Run the World (Girls)" and I was immediately star struck.I took so many pictures to the point where I started to get annoyed myself. At the time, I thought to myself when I am ever going to be THIS CLOSE to royalty!?! So I took advantage of it!

She performed all of the hits and her song "Grown Woman" which was not released at the time. She did cut out her song "I Care" this go around as it was performed on earlier tour dates. I wish she had performed it :/ She then paid tribute to Whitney Houston with a cover of "I Will Always Love You" and then ending with "Halo" Beyonce always puts on a show-stopping performance and I CANNOT WAIT for her Coachella 2018 set next year. I will continue to support her till the day I die. In the words of Adele "She is my Michael Jackson."

P.S. I took all of these photos on my IPhone, no professional camera lol

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