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New Music Sunday

Sorry, I could not do it Friday. It turns out I will be busy for the next two weeks, so for a couple weeks I will be posting new music on Sunday's!

1. anders

Found this artist browsing on YouTube. The producer has also worked with PARTYNEXTDOOR and is based out of Toronto. His song "Attached" is a banger.

2. Col3trane

Dacre Montgomery is back at again with his Instagram story haha. Col3trane, based out of the U.K. brings good and chill vibes with his song "Malibu Sleep." Side note: I just want to shout out to the U.K. Great artists are coming from over there.

3. C Y G N

I found him through the BandCamp app and his music is trap perfection. If you are into chill rap music as much as I am, his material is amazing. My personal favorite of his is "Lost Sight."

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