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Justin Timberlake announced today that his new album Man of the Woods will be released on February 2nd!!! He will also debut the first single THIS FRIDAY (January 5th) It is crazy as I just made a blog post about his album being one that I am looking forward to this year haha. He released the news with a teaser trailer that looks like a blockbuster film shown below haha. This is perfect promo. New single to give the general public about a month to listen to and know the words. Album drops right before his Superbowl performance and then announces tour right after SuperBowl. I am already saving my coins for this tour that he will announce soon. 2018 is looking bright already!!

UPDATE: Man Of The Woods is the title of his albumand his first single "Filthy" will be released THIS FRIDAY! There will also be a Target Exclusive Edition of the album with exclusive cover art, a poster and a digital download of the album.

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