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Grammys 2018 Recap

Back on the grind this Monday so I wanted to talk about last night's grammys grammys. Ok first do not get me wrong I am happy for Bruno Mars. 24K Magic was a great album filled with hits, but for it to win ALBUM OF THE YEAR…..that is pushing it. We all know Kendrick was snubbed for that award. He has delivered with masterpiece after masterpiece and I guess it is just not good enough for the grammy committee. I believe the grammy committee or whoever voted for the categories LOVED 24K Magic due to its nostalgic sound. You could argue that Childish Gambino’s Awaken My Love is nostalgic also but more 70’s funk, but I guess Bruno’s was more upbeat. Record of The Year I was happy about Bruno winning but I WAS COMPLETELLY STUNNED TO SEE THAT DESPACITO DID NOT WIN SONG OF THE YEAR. It shattered so many records and I thought the committee would take that into consideration like 1989 and 25 winning the past years.

I was happy to see win The Weeknd win for Best Urban Contemporary and The War ON Drugs for Best Rock as well. Also, Childish Gambino winning Best Traditional R&B Perfromance for Redbone. He is on his way to be a part of the EGOT crew (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony)

Alessia Cara Best New Artist? Her hit Here was out years ago and she is all of a sudden winning best new artist? Yeah I am not about that. SZA was robbed.

Jay-Z DID NOT WIN ONE GRAMMY AWARD. One of his best albums and did not even receive one win. The Story Of O.J. deserved something.

I was not surprised Ed Sheeran winning Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo Performance. Let someone else win for once like Kesha. Ahh man.

On a positive note I am happy Kendrick got some wins but he deserved that AOTY.

The performances were really good. Kendrick’s opening with U2 and Dave Chappelle was ground breaking and it is awesome to see him topping his performances each and every time. P!nks vocal were on point. I was surprised to see SZA perfrom Broken Clocks . It is my personal favorite and one of the underrated songs on “CTRL.” Bruno and Cardi were good and I enjoyed the tribute to the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival victims. OH and I am also loving thick Rihanna.

James Corden was a great host and I loved the reading of fire and fury. CARDI’S SEGMENT WAS HILARIOUS AND HILARY CLINTON STOLE THE SHOW. SHE WON THE GRAMMYS HAHA.

Overall it was an entertaining show but the Grammy committee needs a switch up. They need some younger and more diverse people to vote. At the end of the day to Kendrick not winning AOTY and SZA not winning one, better things will be in store for them. In the words of Joel Osteen, “God will exceed [their] expectations.”

I know 2019 Grammys is a far stretch but as of now, I am seeing Camila Cabello, SiR, Daniel Caesar, Miguel and St. Vincent being some of the nominees next year. We will find out in December and plus more albums will be released by then haha.

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